Our campaign is over, our game will be released in June 2018 !

Dear Backers,

We want to thank you all for your fantastic contribution. We collected more than 25% of our goal.

Considering it’s our first attempt we are really pleased with this result.

Many of you have legitimate questions: what’s next? how will you finish the game? …

Let us respond to those questions one by one.

Will the game be developed as promised in the campaign?

Yes ! We will make the game complete with its 5 chapters.

When would you release the game?

We will deliver it complete in a year: June 2018.

Why a longer development time?

Reaching 100% of our goal we could engage more artists, which would allow us to work on multiple chapters within the same time-frame. With 25% of the goal we need to plan differently.

A year is quite standard for our kind of projects and having the same artists working on every chapter will lead to better consistency for the game.

Quality remains our number 1 priority.

What is the plan now, when can I expect something?

It depends on the tier you picked. We would like to remind you that all tiers are cumulative. If you backed the 50 usd tier you get the 25 usd and 15 usd tiers as well.

All backers will have access to our development planning page (published by the end of this week) and newsletters.

Please understand things may change without notice. This is only an estimate.

For 15 USD tier: Get the official release (June 2018).

For 25 USD tier: Get bonuses with the release candidate (May 2018) prior to the official release (June 2018).

For 50 USD tier:  Here is the planned timeline for each chapter

– Chapter 2 production sketches: mid July 2017

– Chapter 2 playable: August 2017

– Chapter 3 production sketches: mid October 2017

– Chapter 3 playable: November 2017

– Chapter 4 production sketches: mid January 2018

– Chapter 4 playable: February 2018

– Chapter 5 production sketches: mid April 2018

– Chapter 5 playable: May 2018

For 175 USD tier: Once we will receive your art description we will give you an estimate time of your delivery.

Do you plan another funding campaign to speed things up?

We want our first backers to be the first served and best served.

We will probably do a pre-order campaign some months before the game release.

Pre-orders will be more expensive than the 15 usd tier, and we won’t offer personalized art.

 Monday, May 22th 2017 (9pm CST) – Special Campaign Broadcast

Please join us this Monday, May 22nd at 9pm CST (Paris Timezone). We will do a special broadcast on picarto.tv


We will go into the details of the campaign, explain our planning and share the lessons we learned.

Creating and funding a game is full of traps but also full of good surprises.

Best regards

The ManorStories team