About us

ManorStories is indeed the result of the encounter of three Erotic Arts enthusiasts. Hentai is not the only genre, even if we love it, we would like to be inspired by it but not limited by it.

In our stories you can find every kind of women (not only teenagers), some strong, some sensitive, some with awful mindsets and others with golden hearts !

Artist : BBCChan

BBCChan is a professional erotic illustrator for more than 7 years now. We are really proud to have him with us. You didn’t really click here for the text don’t you ? Check his tumblr page if you want to know more. Please enjoy this quick sample of his art.

Main voice actress & co writer : Nikita

Mademoiselle Nikita is a professional actress. She is the soul of Sylvia as a game. She not only sounds sexy (and look sexy but that’s another story). She also actively participate to the story and dialogues.

Click here to get the an example of Sylvia’s voice.

She said “Don’t bother …. cum in my mouth if you want to ..it’s … it’s not a problem at all … you can release it”

Coder & main writer : ManorStories

The guy in the cave ! ‘Manor’ as called by the community have been writing visual novel for 5 years now (fan translations and various re-writing).  His dream is to make some adult novels inspired by The Snatcher, Phantasy Star 4, Captain Harlock and Cat’s eyes …