Sylvia – our first game

You the player just started in a high tech company as a main coder. Your boss is a beautiful girl "Sylvia". After some months you already have a good working and friendly relationship.
In the meantime "Léa" a young assistant, seem to do everything to create an affair between you and Sylvia.

Is it safe to deal with sex at work ? Should you hide your real girlfriend to your boss or hide this situation to your girlfriend ? and why Léa is so keen to get you between the legs of your boss ?

It's not about how many ending you have ... it's all about how you get to them. Our stories have different branches and cross references. We plan to have 5 different endings. Anyway the path to get to those endings can be different, make your own way !

As no one on our team is taking himself too seriously we also hope you will enjoy some comic aspect of our stories.

Remember what mom said "Make her laugh and she is half way to your bed !"
Choices are not the only thing you will have to think about : Doing the right thing at the right moment can be extremely helpful.
Up for action ? After some teasing let's get to the real stuff ! Here is an example of the sex scene in our game. All artwork is made in 4K. The game will use pan&zoom animations to ensure you can appreciate every inches of it.
All the female cast will be fully voiced in french and also in English (if its stretch goal is achieved).
Get a sample of Sylvia's voice.
She said "Don't bother .... cum in my mouth if you want to's ... it's not a problem at all ... you can release it"
Not enough ? OK , here are some sketches to let you know what we have in mind for you !