Chapter 1 upgrades

After sometime outside Sylvia’s code, I realized I could do more than simple menus for massage and tease scenes during the first chapter. I know also lot of you wanted to see “the hands of the player” on Sylvia’s back during the massage scene.

Previously the massage scene used traditional menus and zooms to simulate the massage. I got many feedbacks telling me : it made the scene not clear and a bit frustrating.

Old menus
New Interactive selection

In the new system you can pan (scroll) the image moving your mouse at the edge of the image
When you are close to an area you can interact, the image changes and a text describing the action appear on the top. Click to validate your selection or move to another area.

See this in video :

I am upgrading the “tease” scene as well to use this new system.
We are also re-recording Sylvia, Léa and Valérie voice in better audio quality.

Special thanks to our artist BBC, despite a crazy workload, he kindly accepted to draw the necessary extra assets for this.

I am planning to upgrade the demo to integrate those changes in the next few days.
Then it will be definitely time for me to code chapter 2.