Website and demo updates

I have been delaying the work on the website for awhile. I reorganized things a little bit, cleaned old contents, bring back the french versions and most of all updated the demo.

What new in the November demo ?

– New title
Sylvia is now called Sylvia Spring and Summer as each chapter represent one season.

– Improved backgrounds
Valérie’s room and all backgrounds during lewd scenes have been updated for better consistency

– All female cast voiced
Léa and Valérie got voiced now

– Improved Massage POV choices
The massage point of view choices have been improved, they are now more intuitive, in full screen and with better performances on low-end computers.

– New camera moves
When a character want to “focus” on something important, we added a nice camera zoom in. You can see it when Sylvia leaves the office at the end of the public demo

– Translated screens and updated UI
We can now translate the entire game much more easily in any language

– Credits screens with updated previews of the main game.
This is using a pseudo3D road algorithm that will be used later on in the game.

Click here to go to Sylvia’s demo download page and get this new demo.