Our loved artist on Sylvia, BBC-Chan is on Patreon now !

Today is a great day for our artist BBC-Chan together with his friend Taboolicious just open their joint Patreon page today. It’s a chance for you to look at really cool erotic artI followed BBC-Chan for almost a year and half ago on tumblr, I really loved his art. He is also someone with a very kind and respectful attitude. Life of an artist isn’t easy today and we hope his Patreon will help him to focus on something he does great : creating awesome erotic art.

It won’t be fair not to mention his friend Taboolicious, he got a different art style but it’s also really good.

You have a chance to do something good for those two talented artists , go there and check it out : https://www.patreon.com/smutbros

I can’t resist showing you 2 pieces of art from them

Wish you all the best guys,


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