Podcast Laura Episode 2

Here is an opportunity to listen to a very lewd story …

This is our second podcast on Laura’s series.

You made a request to you sex assistant … she was a bit surprised … but she followed your orders literally. To a point you didn’t imagined.

Here is the mp3 file for download : Podcast_02_Laura.mp3

Translation of the script :

Hello Master,

I got your request  ... I admit I am a little bit surprised by it
But... Your desires are orders ...
If I may, I would like to check some little details :
... You want an uncommon experience ...
... something unexpected ...
... something strong ...
... a thing... I am quoting you "a thing that will make me bite walls ..."

Well !
That's kind of an agenda !

** She's now taking the lead while staying very soft  **

Lie on this bed
Close your eyes! 

Do you know what's this ?

It's the guarantee that you will so much enjoy you that you will scream!

Now you can't escape from that bed
Now you can't see anything
Now you can't speak

* Laughs *
You wanted uncommon experiences ... so... I decided ...
... you can't see, talk or even move ...

** She get closer and whisper to him **
Even with this you are going to enjoy like no one ...

Let me have some fun with you ...

* Laughs *
My little mushroom ... hmmm ... what if I touch it on the base with a finger ...
... here ... from top to bottom ... hmmm ... it's getting bigger ...
... what this Kidney stroke ?
... are you already trying to move ?

Don't spoil a game that just begun !

Oooo what if I make cirles on the top of this mushroom ... hmmm ... 
Laaa ... I am making circles ...
... once ...
... twice
... thrice

* Laughs *
Hey ... what this Kidney stroke ?
You seem nervous ...
... and four times * hmmm*

I really like when you try to move ... but ... this is not enough  ...
... and five times ... hmmm
And ... you are the one asking for "uncommon", don't you ? ...

I opened the curtains and the windows blind of our room ... and since the light is on ... hey !
don't try to move !
I did EXACTLY what you've asked !

Ooo ... some little drops from you ... already ?
Let me help you with that !

* she starts a blowjob *

Aaaa ... I don't ask you if you enjoy ... you can't reaply !
Hmmm ... you are trying to move don't you !

What ?
You neighbor ... the cutey Chinese student Mei Li has not lost a crumb of our show !

Shut up boy !
You asked me for it !

Your cock is really hard ... is it because I mentioned Mei Li ?
You like her don't you ... you like to see her wearing student pleated skirts ... don't you ?

* Laugh *
She is really starring at us ! I can see her trying to hide ...
* She make a more intense blowjob *
I think she would love to do this to you ...

Sorry Mei li ... this dick is mine ! If you want it, you need to come and grab it by yourself !

* Laugh *
Oh you ! Shut up !
I am going to take that cock and put it in me !

* she is now on the top, riding you *
Oooo ... it's so ... strong !

How do I know your neighbors names ?
Easy !
I visited all of them before !

I ... told them ... you apologized in advance ... for the noise ... caused by ...
an 'uncommon' party ...
shut up

* she really enjoy herself *
I told you to shut up !
Your cutey chinese ... is getting exited
and the old miss Deverault ... is masturbating

Yes ! Yes !

Fuck ! Give me your Dick !
The only thing allowed to escape is .. your cum !

come on
give it all to me !
Yes ....
* Scream of climax *

Hmmmm ...

*Talking softly *
I think you have really increased the level of your relationship with your neighborhood ...  

* Laughs *
* She goes back to her regular sex assistant voice *
Did I offered you enough of "unexpected" ?

Next time, would you like me to invite Mei li ?

Voiced by Nikita